Saturday, January 21, 2012

American Idol Tent Girl Amy Brumfield’s Long Boozy Criminal Record

After Wednesday night’s American Idol premiere, contestant Amy Brumfield shocked us all by revealing that her and her boyfriend were living in the woods, in a tent. If you missed the show you can read our recap here!

Amy (24) impressed the judges with Alicia Keys’ Superwoman, and got her gold ticket to Los Angeles.

Now it has been revealed Amy has a very long criminal record, revealing her serious struggles with alcohol. She has been arrested 6 times in the past 7 years. One of these times was on August 22, 2010 after publicly urinating on herself in the lobby of a Baskin Robbins. Just over a week before that, police officers arrested her for being intoxicated in front of a Tennessee restaurant. There were also a few underage drinking arrests, and one for staying at a property after her lease had ended. She has served her probation. Thanks to TMZ for the Amy Brumfield mug shots.

But this story could have a happy ending, judging by her audition on American Idol. This girl is talented and seems motivated to make a new start for herself.

Now the whole tent-living situation makes a bit more sense. But should American Idol fans judge Amy for her past problems? Doesn’t everyone deserve a second (or eighth) chance? I think yes, if you want it bad enough and make and effort to clean up your act. Remember Chris Rene in The X Factor USA. Thankfully, Amy seems motivated and ready to make a new life for herself.  Only time will tell how far she goes and what she does with her golden ticket.